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Photography and Retouching



Trish, Trisha, Trisha Ann, Patricia , Terrapin, Bopeep, Pat-tastic all enduring names my loved ones call me. We are a family of nicknames and I embrace each one of them.

I am a child of God, married to my soul mate who forever keeps me laughing. I am an animal lover and my biggest pet is what my husband calls our yard art because he is just that, my pet of 1500 pounds, my horse JJ (Joker Poco Jr) WHO IS the last colt out of a stud my father had most of my life. I am passionate about photography, fairness and loyalty to those who surround me

I am a photographer. I do this because I love it NOT because it’s making me a millionaire. Because I’ve never met a photographer that got rich behind the camera. It’s the richness my heart gains when meeting the people who are in front of my camera. The experience of seeing who they really are. And how sometimes I get to reintroduce them to their selves even. The beautiful teenager who never embraced her beauty, the mom of 3 who has lost her sense of sexuality or even the corporate guy who hasn’t told his story of the company he so proudly built and the challenge of shooting a piece of jewelry another artist poured their soul into. I love it all!

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